ATP Science

ATP Science products are based on natural resources. The most sophisticated products for which ATP Science is famous are purely herbal. The main author of all their products is Matthew Legge, who is originally a herbalist. At first they laughed a little at him, then they noticed, now he can win competitions like the Australian Supplement Award, in several categories, and became a globally recognized authority.

ATP Sciences are uncompromising. The text of the authors themselves probably best describes this:

“Do you believe that the best cook is nature? No, we at ATP Science do. We believe that minerals from organic, natural sources absorb our body more easily. Much better than the synthetic industrial slime that someone has pulled from the ass of any genetically modified bacterium. " If you like fruits and vegetable extracts better, try our products, if not, ok, you can continue to eat their shit. “

They are distinctive, their products are not cheap, but it is a clear choice for those of you who do not want to compromise on the quality and origin of the supplements that you get into your body.

Among the athletes who have opted for a partnership with ATP Science are very interesting names.

Robert Killian - 2x Spartan Race World Champion

Robert Killian

Robert is a former triathlete who has changed his focus to OCR racing. He is talked about as an OCR racer with probably the most consistent performances, who rubs like a horse and his hard training is a great inspiration for others. In addition to being a top athlete himself, he is also a professional coach and mentor for other competitors. Robert especially liked ATP products related to the support of immunity. No wonder these guys and girls flying on Spartan Rac know their knowledge that the good resistance of the human body to the various factors around us is fundamental.

Nicole Mericle - Spartan Race World Champion 2019

Nicole Mericle

Nicole is the best! Her career began in athletics. However, as is usual with athletes, life plans were completely changed by an injury, which meant a break in a clearly lined life. But Nicole dealt with it like few others. And not only that, she entered the world of obstacle races, where she managed to win and became the OCRWC 3K world champion and Spartan Trifecta world champion!

troufáme si říct, že málokdy najdete tak skromného a cílevědomého člověka, který na sobě pracuje, ale zároveň je naprostý pohodář a sympaťák. Nicole je bad ass woman! Kromě běhu a OCR závodům je také milovnicí lezení na umělých stěnách i na skalách venku. Ale to se asi není čemu divit. Když někdo žije v Coloradu, asi bude vždycky žít jako člověk z Colorada:)! 

Nicole vsadila na spolupráci s ATP Science a my jí přejeme spoustu dalších úspěchů.

Her story is definitely inspiring and we recommend watching it in this video, for example.


James Newburry - CrossFit Pro

James finished fifth at the Crossfit Games, cutting Ironman to diversify. As a true "Ausie", he also spends a lot of time surfing. He was named the most fit guy in Australia by MensHealth magazine. It is also interesting that James decided on his journey as a professional athlete to follow a purely vegan diet and is known for his interest in ecology and the world around us.

Back Squat 200 kg
Clean and Jerk 145 kg
Snatch 120 kg
Deadlift 242 kg
Max Pull-ups 85
Helen 6:59
Sprint 400m 0:53
Run 5k 18:44


ATP Science video library

But if one more thing about ATP Science is fantastic, it's their podcasts, resp. youtube channel, where you will find an incredibly detailed and informative encyclopedia of various nutritional topics and knowledge. Be sure to check it out Určitě mrkněte sem.