Vitargo 2 Kg

Vitargo 2 Kg

A unique carbohydrate mixture with excellent results.
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A revolutionary breakthrough in sports kicking and regenerative drinks

Vitargo: a revolutionary breakthrough sports fueling and recovery drink providing the fastest body fuel and an unrivaled post-workout recovery boost to athletes worldwide.

It doesn’t matter where you train and compete – on the field, court, rink, road, snow or in the water – carbohydrate will be the critical factor that determines how strongly you perform and whether or not you endure and fight to the finish.

Timing is everything and to perform at your highest level you need a carbohydrate fuel source that moves through the digestive tract as fast as possible.  And, with several refueling and recovery options on the market, you absolutely need proof that the product you choose will deliver on its performance promises and is proven superior!




Nutrition facts


Per 100g

Per serving(72g)

Energy 1600 kJ/370 kcal 1150 kJ/270 kcal
 Fats 0 g 0 g
- saturated fats 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 91,7 g 66 g
 - sugars 0 g 0 g
 Starch 91,0 g 65,5 g
 Protein 0,1 g 0 g


Starch - patented form of Vitargo®



Too tired to workout? Need some fuel in your tank? No need to train empty to maintain stomach comfort anymore! Within 10 minutes Vitargo is emptying from your stomach to deliver high-octane fuel to your muscle and brain cells. You can finally fully fuel your training yet feel empty enough to train.


Vitargo blows the doors off of carbohydrate fuel replenishment during exercise, getting glucose to muscle cells faster without any crash. Your brain and bloodstream need the critical signal that you’ve got fuel on board—full speed ahead to burn energy!


Vitargo led to nearly 77% higher and faster muscle fuel recovery just 2 hours after exhaustive exercise, and in a separate study – higher power output and greater movement velocity, compared to maltodextrin.  Train, and train again the same day and tomorrow, with up 10%  to 23% more maximal endurance compared to refueling with maltodextrin plus sugar. After exercise you can combine Vitargo with your favorite protein for full muscle recovery!


Vitargo pure mixes well with protein, creating a great regenerating drink. Therefore, we recommend purchasing, for example, together with Dymatize ISO 100 900g